Align to your Divine Energy with Breathe, Crystals, Meditation, and infused Reiki Healings 

Align to your Divine Energy with Breathe, Crystals, Meditation, and infused Reiki Healings 

Infused HealiNG Sessions

If you are feeling stuck in life, unable to move forward, or uncertain about which path to choose, you have found yourself in the right place for the right reasons.  

Rhea's birth as a healer has been a natural evolution of her life's work as an energetic artist.  She believes healing work is an intuitive process connecting to a person's energetic flow.

Rhea approaches each session as she does art: with an inner mindful gaze, the session a living, breathing meditation and the belief in healing for Living Art | Art for Life.  This means that Rhea uses healing tools - Reiki, Nutritional Insight, Crystal Facials, Sound Healing, Mind-Body Healing - to help a person draw good energy into their life, fill themselves with love, and find more beauty in every moment.

What To Expect

Every treatment offering is unique, and each person's experience will differ.  What you can expect is a safe place to breathe, relax, connect to your higher self and let go of what your mind and body are unconsciously holding onto that you no longer need.  

The treatment will feel like a beautiful glowing radiance flowing through and around you. The healing technique treats the whole individual including body aches, emotions, mind, and spirit which will leave you with feelings of peace, security, and wellbeing.

It is recommended that you begin with three treatments, with once-a-month tune-ups for lasting results. 

It is a wonder how it works, I can’t explain it, but every time I leave her bed something wonderful happens - I am clearer and more grounded, less anxious and have a greater sense of power. Rhea’s Reiki treatments are healing, energizing, clearing and has amazing emotional and mental benefits. She has a beautiful spirit that helps you to unlock yours. Magical she is ✨
— Kimberly Green, Actress

nutritional insight  

Rhea's approach to nutritional counseling is founded in her lifelong plant-based practices.  She received her Nutritional Counseling Certificate from Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2005, ran her own plant-based restaurant in AZ for 4 years, and herself has lived a 100% plant-based lifestyle for nearly two decades.  A plant-based chef and nutritional healer, she is thrilled to coach her clients to any spectrum of plant-based diets desired.  If you are seeking to go plant-based one-day per week, or you want a complete overhaul and prefer that Rhea come to your home to train you to become your own plant-based chef, all is possible.

Rhea’s work was absolutely transformational for me. After the first treatment I began to stand in my power more, and after a few subsequent treatments, I was so changed that people everywhere would treat me differently. Better. With more respect.

Her work removes blocks so that the most true and best version of yourself no longer hides, but thrives. The result of her work on you is an effortless glow, a heightened sense of intuition, and a powerhouse of steadfast kindness that radiates to every single area of your life. I’m incredibly grateful and in awe of what this woman does.
— Jamie Roddy, Celebrity Designer